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Happy Holidays from the Garden

December is a sad time to be at the garden. The beds are mostly put to sleep for the winter, the smell of the compost is stronger this time of year, and hardly any foot traffic wanders through the gates. Most of the beds are covered with hay or other natural composting materials to feed the soil and protect the few remaining plants that will tough out the cold weather.

I will be spending the next few months restocking my seed supplies, reading, and eventually getting my seeds started for spring. Right now I'm working on ordering some fun new seed varieties I want to try out in 2021 like Luffa, while also spending time doodling my plans for our beds for next year. I will also take this time to catch up on some of my favorite bloggers and vlogers for more garden inspiration. Winter is a great time to plan for the next years harvests and reflect on what worked and what you can to do improve next year.

My personal recommendation for some winter gardening: Roots and Refuge or Garden Answer on Youtube. These two channels got me started in gardening!

While we button things down for the winter months we want to take time to wish everyone a very happy holiday season. Whatever you celebrate; I hope that you have a great off season.


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